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Browse through my portfolio of web applications and community websites. Visit the different sites from the links provided. In certain cases it is impossible to interact with a past web application, you will find screenshots of the system in these cases to illustrate how the system functioned and give a sense of the scale to the project.

Jump to portfolio section: Informational.ca - ProfessionalReferrals.ca - Maxtheintern.com - Partnersinlearning.com - TakingItGlobal.org - gysd.org

Languages: PHP - MySQL
My Informational Site Network offers free information on various topics and, creates unique web communities. Written in PHP using MySQL. Site concepts, programming, design, maintenance, and advertising are done myself.
Tax Sale Property.org
Tax Sale Property Community. Offering articles, discussion boards and free property listings for Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick Canada.
Home Gardening.ca
Gardening articles, gardening directory, flowers database, Vetegetable database.
Math Puzzle.ca
Try different types of math puzzles. Math Puzzle is a collection of challenging math puzzles.
Card Trick.ca
Learn how to perform Card, Coin and Magic tricks for free. CardTrick.ca is a Card/Coin/Magic/Rope trick database with hundreds of tricks .
White Magic.ca
Search the 2500+ free Spell database
Occupational Health and Safety Acts, Find a Labour Lawyer, Information on Work rights
Countries, Cities, Regions informational database.
Speaking Writing.com
Articles on Speaking and Writing, Quiz Questions
Home Made Cookies.ca
5000+ Recipes, 15+ Cookbooks. Ultimate Recipe Source.
Dream database with articles, dream symbols and personal dreams.
Ajax Developer.ca
Ajax/PHP sample code.
Games Kids Play.ca
Over 700 different games for kids to play.
Religious articles and wisdom.
Pickup new skills and check out the large collection of how to articles and how to books
Arbor Day.ca
Learn about the history of arbor day. Research tree species. Download arbor day music, articles and song sheets.
Martin Luther King.ca
Read famous historial articles or little known poems speaking about the black experience throughout history.
Home Medicine.ca
Find time tested treatments for your medicial ailments. Learn how your body works. Find hosehold tips for solving common problems.
Scary Stories.ca
Read some of the scariest and real ghost stories. Many stories have been written hundreds of years ago.
Free Jokes.ca
Your number one source for joke topics, riddles, anecdotes or jokes
Children Stories.ca
Find fairy tale stories, children bedtime stories, online fairy tales and children's fairy tales.

Tea Leaf.ca
Learn how to read tea leaves.

Handwriting Analysis.ca
Get information on handwriting fraud.

Catholic Prayer.ca
The source for catholic thoughts, morals and prayers

Bugs Insects.net
Find information on different bug speicies and insect behavior

Historical biographies on males and females throughout history.

Writings of Bahaullah. A place for the Bahai faith.

Learn Camping.com
Learn how to camp.

Sea Stories.com
Stories about the sea.

Christmas Story.ca
Christmas Stories

More at Informational.ca

Languages: PHP - MySQL - Ajax - Javascript - Design - Google Maps - SPIP

Created Mortgage / Professional Services Referral Lead System, Membership System, Content Management System, Profile Site Builder, Survey System, Advisor Directory (Google Maps), Email tracking, Messaging System, Calender, Custom Message/Email Templates, Reward Point System, Detail customer/lead statistics with on the fly graphs, FirePay Credit Card Processing, NewsLetters, Discussion board

View Screen Shots: About Me - About Work - Address Edit - Add Agent - Admin Find Agent - Approve Emails - Article Forms - Article Forms 2 - Broadcast - Broadcast 2 - Admin Cheques - Admin Client Templates - Admin Client Templates 2 - Create Forms - Create Forms 2 - Create Forms 3 - Create Forms 4 - Designations - Dispute Bills - Dispute Bills 2 - Disputed - Email Sent - Email Uses - Fix Mail - Forms Articles - Inactive Leads - Admin Keywords - Admin Knowledge Base - Admin Lead - Admin Leads - Lead Categories - Lead Categories 2 - Lead Categories 3 - Lead Send - Lead Send 2 - :ead Sent Lookup Ticket - Admin Mail - Manage Action Types - Manage Forms - Manage Links - Manage Mail - Manage Mortgage Rates - Manage Staff Groups - Manage Zones - PDFs - Admin Professions - PR Values - References - Rferences 2 - Referral Category - Referral Category 2 - Set Credit - Survey Center - Survey Creator - Survey Creator 2 - Admin Templates - Unread Leads - View Credit - View Leads - View Leads 2 - View Leads 3 - View Pay as you Go - Advisor Addresses - Calender - Advisor Credit Card - Client Templates - Client Templates 2 - Contact Messages - Contact messages 2 - Credit Limit - Dashboard - DisputeLeads - Advisor Edit - Advisor Email - Advisor Groups - Advisor Leads - Advisor Leads 2 - Advisor Lead Types - Advisor Links - Advisor Mail - Advisor Mail 2 - Advisor Mail 3 - Advisor Mail Sig - Referral Center - Referral Center 2 - Service Region - View Groups - Billing Address - Body Info - Confirm - Designation - Directory - Directory 2 - Directory 3 - Invalid Leads - Form - Form 2 - Form 3 - Google Maps - Google Maps 2 - Google Maps 3 - Index - Words - Main Page - My Business - Numbers - Pay as you Go - Professions - Profile - Profile Main - Profile Wizard - Pr Signup - References - Service Regions - Set - Set Leads - Site Info

Languages: PHP - MySQL

Gathered daily news from 350+ major online news publications and 2000+ RSS content categories. RSS content feeds are created for each source. All articles are downloaded into a MySQL database. Articles can be searched through a news reader application and emailed to a list of contacts.

To download a trial version of the application visit: (Note: Email registration is required): Maxtheintern VB Client

Languages: ASP .NET - VB .NET - SQL Server

Created online community for Microsoft's Partners in learning initiative. Community members can create a profile, interact through discussion boards, online projects collaboration, read/add articles, attend/post feedback on global community events.

View Screen Shots: Profile About Me - Add Initiative - Article - Article Homes - Events Calender - Discussion Boards - Events Home - Event - Initiative - Initiatives - Profile Interests - Main Page - Manage Categories - Manage Content - Manage User 1 - Manage User 2 - Profile View

Languages: PHP - Smarty - MySQL

Converted entire site from PHP to Smarty PHP. Created Discussion Boards, EZine, ECards, Site Search. Helped create multilingual platform and translation software.

View Screen shots: Admin Templates - Featured Author - Admin Select Zine - Admin Set Featured - Admin Set Zine - Admin Show Content - Discussions Main - Discussions Poll - Discussions Post Poll - Discussions Reply - Discussions Thread - Discussions Threads - Ecards Listing - Ecards Main Page - Ecards Preview Card - ECards Send Card - Events Calender - An Event - Events Home - Event Listing - Featured Members - Groups Main Page - Main Pages - Instant Messenger - Monthly Theme Health - Monthly Theme EU - Monthly Theme Indigenous - Monthly Theme Journal - Monthly Theme Main Page - Monthly Theme EU Quiz - An Organization - Organizations Home - Profile About Me - Profile Interests - Profile View - Project Add 1 - Project Add 2 - Project Add 3 - Projects Home - Projects Listing - A Project 1 - A Project 2 - Search Members - Financial - Tell a Friend - Understanding Section - Updates Add - Updates Main - Wallpapers - An Article 1 - An Article 2 - Edit Article - Zine Featured Writer - Zine Main - Zine MyContent - Search Zine

Global Youth Service Day
Languages: PHP - MySQL

Created PHP integration functionality, and added improvements on the existing system.

View Screenshots: Apply - Document Center - Heroes - Involve - Main Page

Languages: PHP - MySQL

Created a backend system for an EBook membership system and Contact Manager.

Languages: PHP - MySQL

Created an EZine system that produced and controlled multiple EZines.

View Screenshots: Main Pages Edit - Manage Content